4-steps-for-kidsIs your child’s car seat installed correctly?     

It is estimated that more than 80% of all car seats are improperly installed. Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District has technician(s) that can provide car seat installation information and teach you how.

Thousands of children are injured or killed every year by safety seats that are improperly fastened by parents or caretakers. Be sure you child’s car seat is properly installed. Most collisions occur within a mile of the home, so buckle up your child in a safety seat every time, no matter how short the trip may be.

How to make an appointment for a car seat installation:     child-safety

The Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District offers the services of nationally certified child safety seat technician(s) on a semi-formal appointment only basis. If you would like to have a certified technician install your child safety seat, please contact the Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District at 630-365-6855 to make an appointment.

Expectations for Installation:    
Please expect the installation to take at least 1/2 hour to 1 hour for proper installation (depending on type of car seat and vehicle), check, and to review installation with the owner per child safety seat. The installation requires the owner (of the vehicle) to be present while installation takes place. To help make sure your installation goes smoothly, please bring your vehicle’s owner’s manual (if available) and your child seat’s owner’s manual (if available). When making your appointment, please be sure to provide information regarding the following:

  • Is this a new installation or a previously installed car seat?
  • How many children and adults will be riding in the vehicle in total?
  • What is the current age, weight, and height of passengers under 13 years of age? If you are an expectant mother, Please contact 1 month prior to due date for inspection. Will be required to return 1 month after baby is born for a follow up inspection. ***Special times may be permitted, dependent on situation. Technician’s discretion.
  • How many child safety seats would you like to be installed during your appointment?
  • If you do not have the owner’s manual to your vehicle and/or child safety seat, please provide information regarding vehicle year, make, and model as well as your child safety seat manufacturer and model.

Additional Information:     certified-tech

We are committed to keeping children safe. Please visit the National CPS Certification for more information regarding locations of certified technicians, program affiliations, and information regarding certification. To learn more about what to expect from a Child Passenger Safety Technician, please review What To Expect From a CPS Tech.

What to expect during your appointment:    

  • Instruction and demonstration on how to correctly install your car seat.
  • Ensure you are using the correct seat based on child’s age, weight and height.
  • Explain the process for you to check and see the car if your seat has been recalled.
  • Obtain in and around car safety information to protect your child(ren).